Close-up of loom making kumihimo braid.

Copyright 2018 Lisa Kole

Jewelry celebrating the connection between humans and animals.


 ANIMAN® is animal jewelry (for humans!) with purpose.

A first purpose is to help us feel closer to (nonhuman) animals - either to one animal that is special to us (dog, cat, bird) or to a type of animal (wolf, falcon, tiger, whale, owl, etc.). Our current focus is wolf jewelry.

 A second purpose is to promote awareness of animals - their diversity, complexity, and beauty. We want our jewelry to spark conversations about animals and about ways to protect them. 

 A third purpose is to financially support animal rescue and conservation organizations that will help, in a direct way, the animals that we are appreciating.

  Many ANIMAN®  jewelry designs incorporate braids that are hand-woven from quality fibers using the kumihimo braiding technique developed in Japan.  Braids are combined with stones, beads, silver or other materials evocative of nature. The jewelry is an artistic, abstract, individualized representation of the animal.  Like their subjects, no two pieces of jewelry are exactly alike.

  ANIMAN® jewelry is an artisan project with the goal of building bridges between humans and our nonhuman animal neighbors.  It is an homage to the beautiful natural world we are all a part of.