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Red Wolves

Show your love for the Red Wolf - or someone who loves the Red Wolf- with this ~17" Red Wolf Sweetheart Necklace (top left)  a striking combination of scarlet, russet and cinnamon ribbons and cords bearing a 1" puff heart pendant featuring a Red Wolf (detail at left).

Combine old-fashioned romance and modern-day activism with this charming russet and red Animan®  bracelet with a white heart-shaped  “charm” bearing the portrait of a red wolf on one side and “BE FREE” on the other.

Support the critically endangered Red Wolf with this hand-braided and sewn ribbon bracelet (left) in shades of sparkling copper, orange, brown, and grey, bearing a paw-print “charm”. 

RD3 (Left) Red wolf hemp ENDURANCE bracelet with pewter PAW bead.

Red wolf pair bracelets (left) feature rich, deep orange-hued bamboo fiber hand-braided and joined by copper-plated findings, with or without gemstone (carnelian, druzy) accents.