Copyright 2016 Lisa Kole

Top, upper left: Wolf Moon Necklace.

Atka Wolf Spirit Necklace (choker style).

Celebrate Ambassador Wolf Atka with this hand-braided bracelet  featuring different textures of white and ivory ribbons.

Atka Cameo.  A portrait of Atka was cast into this polymer clay cameo.  Pendant is ~1.5 inches in diameter and the necklace is ~21 inches long.

AT11 Atka wolf bracelet featuring bangle with drawing of Atka.  Hand-made linen braid with silver plated findings.

AT12  Atka ENDURANCE hemp bracelet with pewter PAW bead and S-clasp closure.AT2 Silk wolf bracelet with Brazilian agate gemstones.

AT2, AT3 Silk wolf bracelets

with white agate gemstones.

AT4 Silk wolf bracelet with silver and Brazilian white agate gemstones.

AT5 thin silk wolf bracelet with Venetian glass charm.